Snoop Dogg narrating a make-up tutorial is the WEIRDEST thing

Publish Date
Monday, 29 April 2019, 6:45PM

It's something we never thought we'd see... Snoop Dogg narrating a make-up tutorial video, yet here it is! 

YouTuber NikkieTutorials films make-up tutorial and routine videos which often rack up over a million views. It turns out however that Snoop Dogg is one of those viewers too! 

The rapper clearly doesn't have much of a clue what he is doing during the video voiceover and definitely uses some pretty funny terms.

During the video Nikkie goes on to “smoke out” her eyeliner, prompting Snoop to “join” her.

“What she means by ‘smoke it out’ is not what I’m doing right now,” he added.

How good is this! 

Check out the result of the Snoop/Nikkie colab above!