Science has revealed this one thing about 'potty mouths'

Publish Date
Sunday, 7 May 2017, 3:59PM

All you 'potty mouths' out there be prepared actually have science back you up on your language, we think you might be surprised!

Research conducted at Keele University in the UK has made interesting findings in the effects of swearing. The research focused on a group of people riding a bike for 30 seconds, half the group dropping swear words left right and centre, the other half dropping publicly sanitary words and the results were both surprising and unsurprising.

Team 'potty mouth' had a peak power that was 24 watts above team 'no swearing', whilst they also increased their strength by 2.1kg in the single hand grip tests. Their research also showed that there were benefits from short-term swearing while other research showed that swearing can lessen pain.

So, we guess we'll just blame science for our swearing in class now maybe?