Pacific Music Awards Trust announce postponement of 2020 Pacific Music Awards

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Wednesday, 25 March 2020, 8:47PM
Photo / Pacific Music Awards

Photo / Pacific Music Awards

The Pacific Music Awards Trust today announced that they would be postponing the 2020 Pacific Music Awards ceremony on 21 May 2020 as planned.

In a statement the trust said that they had been "considering their options for the 2020 Pacific Music Awards and have also been monitoring the shifting environment we are all in."

However, the trust said that they will still announce the 2020 finalists and sponsors in early/mid-April. There will be no Finalist Announcement event either. "We want to ensure we can celebrate the music released by our Pacific artists in 2019 and continue as many aspects of the awards ceremony as we can." they said. 

"At this time, we are not able to confirm a new date for the 2020 Pacific Music Awards. However, we are fortunate that the nature of our event allows some flexibility in terms of timing and the format of the event. Our Trust can confirm our commitment to honouring and celebrating Pacific music,  and affirm we are dedicated to delivering the Pacific Music Awards in some form or another." 

"The Pacific Music Awards Trust wants to continue to support our Pacific artists and keep our community connected, as we journey through this uncertain time ahead. Look after each other,  your families and your communities. We encourage everyone to follow all the directives and advice given, so we can collectively respond to Covid-19."