L&P launch new Kiwi as flavour

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Friday, 17 January 2020, 11:36AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Who doesn't love an L&P?!

And everyone is a friend of New Zealand's classic sweet treat the Pineapple Lump?

But what about a L&P Pineapple Lump flavoured fizzy drink?

It might sound wacky, but two Kiwi classics are set to become one thanks to L&P bringing out its brand new creation.

The new product is set to launch on January 20 and will be on sale for just three months.

L&P said pairing two iconic flavours of New Zealand was only a matter of time.

L&P and Pineapple Lumps have joined forces to create a mash-up of liquid goodness. Photo / Rob Roy Dairy

Photo / Rob Roy Dairy 

The company said it is always looking for interesting new flavours that pair well with the taste of L&P.

Dunedin dairy Rob Roy and Pak'nSave Mill St have already jumped on board by advertising the new product.

Rob Roy dairy has revealed it is selling the Kiwi mashup for $4.

A number of Kiwis claim they've already given the new product a taste, with the flavour receiving mixed reviews.

"It just tastes like lemonade and pineapple. It's not too sweet. It's really nice," one person said.

Another claimed, "It's like quarter strength pineapple raro with bubbles."

Others were more sceptical, with one saying, "L&P goes better with Jim Beam or Jack Daniels and ice.