John Campbell shares his LOVE for Hip Hop in his interview with Anika Moa!

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Thursday, 24 January 2019, 1:43PM

Anika Moa's TV show is known to be pretty crack up, but her latest interview has just dropped and it's SO good! 

John Campbell is her interviewee, and she definitely puts him to the test, asking questions like whether had ever read the news "boozed, wasted or hungover to the max?".

The answer is pretty surprising, Campbell replying: "Probably boozed a couple of times, but moderately tipsy rather than to the max."

John Campbell also shares his love for hip hop. He says that he's really enjoying music from Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean. 

"I really like hip hop. Tyler the Creator and A$AP doing Potato Salad; you can't watch that 2 and a half minutes without being happy" Campbell said. 

Anika also calls John Campbell a c*nt - and gets away with it!

The 54-year-old also explained his love of swearing, saying that "sometimes you just need to let rip".

"There are few more useful, versatile, extraordinary words than f***," explained Campbell. "There's not a situation it can't handle ... if you need to employ a single word, whether it's grief or delight or excitement, or whatever, f*** will do the trick."

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During the interview, Campbell revealed his favourite music was hip-hop, declared chicken and rice as his favourite meal and said he thought he was a little overweight.

He also cracked up when Moa asked him if Jack Tame was his secret love child, and chastised the pregnant presenter for being 10 minutes late to her interview.

• Watch the full episode here (Warning: contains explicit language).