Watch the hilarious moment Stan Walker's mum tries the shoot dance

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Thursday, 26 July 2018, 4:52PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

If your parents haven't embarrassed you at some point with their dance moves, are they even parents?

A couple of days ago Stan Walker shared a video of his mother proving quite the opposite, as she attempts to do the 'Shoot' dance that Blocboy JB made popular.

Check out the hilarious clip below: 

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Stan captioned the video: "My mum is litty kitty 24/7 ahhahaha... love you mummy 
Hope this boosts the moraaaale of your day errrbody"

By the end of the video, she lost all hope and walked off with a hilarious "Oh I don't know..."

She didn't quite nail it, but we applaud the commitment!

She's so good!