The reason why Michael Jackson always had white tape on the tips of his fingers...

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Sunday, 3 February 2019, 7:59PM
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Michael Jackson was without a doubt the biggest pop star of his era.

With his incredible voice, seamless dance moves and innovative style - he was a true music legend.

But there's one part of his unique style you may not know about.

If you've ever wondered why the King of Pop wore white tape on the tips of his fingers, we're here to answer your question!

According to the 'Michael Jackson’s This Is It' documentary, it turns out the tape served an important on-stage purpose.

Michael Bearden, the musical director for the This Is It tour, says Jackson taped the tips of his fingers so everyone in the audience could follow his fingers and understand his dance moves.

Due to the distance from the stage, audience members couldn’t always see his movements.

By taping his fingers the white would catch the light so that people further back could see his hands.

Which is the exact same reason he always wore his trademark white socks.

Again, it draws the audience's eye to his feet so they can follow his dancing easier.