Naz’s steamy photos with her boyfriend

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Thursday, 18 May 2017, 9:07AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Woooooah mumma! Okay, well evidently it's clear that Naz is perfectly fine with life post-Bachelor, actually, we would we would almost say that ol' mate Jordan Mauger might have some regrets after seeing these photos.

Since season 2 of The Bachelor, Nazanin Khanjani is focused on a strong mind and body in 2017, leaving behind the rollercoaster of 2016. Since then she has found love in the form of IFBB MP National Champion (Mr NZ), Daniel Mazzola and hooooooo boy have the couple left very little to the imagination. 

Who is your #1? ❤ @maz_dan

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Posing in what seems to be a sauna and white underwear the new power couple (pun intended), took these steamy AF (pun intended) photo's. 

My Queen ❤ @nazzfitness 2/3. Photographer: @muscatmediacreative

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Yeahhhhhh soooooo we'll leave these here and be on our way.