Marrried At First Sight’ Carly reveals she took Troy’s virginity in an Instagram post

Publish Date
Thursday, 31 May 2018, 11:56AM


We just can't but help but love to hate the Married At First Australia cast. 

A majority of them seem to be very much loving the attention and fame, with drama after drama continuing months after the show finished screening. 

For example, Dean from MAFS has been caught with ANOTHER woman

Now, Carly has taken to Instagram to give us more information than we asked for. 

The reality TV star that hooked up with fellow MAFS star Troy after the show, has reassured fans that the couple are still very much together. 

She also seemed to set a rumour about Troy's virginity straight, which is that Troy WAS a virgin whilst on the show. 

So now we know, after lying awake at night wondering, that Carly and Troy do have sexual relations. Phew! 

Troy winking mafs

To be honest, we didn't actually care that much but good on them!