Kylie Jenner flaunts her amazing post-baby body on Snapchat

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Monday, 26 March 2018, 3:32PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

She gave birth to her very child at the beginning of February.

And it appears like Kylie Jenner is having no trouble getting back to her smoking pre-pregnancy figure, as evident by a Saturday Snapchat post.

The makeup mogul, 20, turned to the side and pulled up her sweatshirt to show off her fantastically flat stomach while she zoomed into the mirror in the very short video clip.

Though the star's face was largely obscured by her phone, Kylie still gave followers plenty to look at.

She hiked up her sweatshirt to reveal enviably flat abs and a hint of her full bust covered in a grey sports bra. 

The reality star prominent backside provided quite the distraction, covered in clingy black leggings which fit like a second skin.

At the bottom of the post, there was a small illustration of a manatee sitting at a laptop with the words 'Hard at work' written on bottom

While Kylie's body transformation was certainly something to behold, the star recently came under fire for using a waist-training corset and promoting them as a way to 'snap back' after pregnancy.

On Monday, the new mom shared a selfie in which she is dressed in all black with a right waist trainer fasted around her middle, and encouraged her followers to follow suit, and even included a discount code in the post, tagged with the hashtag #ad.

The promo post got under the skin of critics on social media, who accused Kylie of setting unattainable beauty standards, encouraging unhealthy practices, and making new moms who don't 'snap back' as quickly as she has feel bad.

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