KUWTK deleted exposes the truth behind Kim K's Instagram

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Thursday, 2 November 2017, 3:20PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

The life of a Kardashian has been but a lie! Is their name even Kardashian? Are they even pregnant? Is Kylie Jenner's colour palette even hers and not ShaanXO's?

Okay, maybe we're getting carried away BUT Kim Kardashian has been exposed effectively LYING and the Internet is not haaaaaappy! A deleted scene has revealed that Kim K doesn't even try or use the products she endorses on Instagram.

The clip shows Kim preparing a chocolate fit shake that she's promoting buuuuuut we could see she was clearly lying about something and it's not her nose growing that gave it away. You can pretty much see she has no clue on what she's doing or that she doesn't know how to make the shake.

Detoxing with @fittea 💜 it tastes amazing and the ingredients are all natural 🍵 #ad

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Page Six asked Truth In Advertising Inc., a non-profit against false advertising and deceptive marketing, if it was against the law to promote a product without actual use of it prior.

Bonnie Patten, their executive director, confirmed that it was a big no-no, saying, “As a matter of FTC law, an endorser cannot talk about her experience with a product if she hasn’t tried it. And if an endorser tries a product and thinks it’s terrible, she cannot then say the product is great.”