Kiwi musician Nouri plays football with some of America's biggest singers and rappers!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 3 July 2018, 11:17AM


Kiwi singer and musician Nouri has scored the first touchdown in a celeb football match where she was playing alongside Snoop Dogg, Trey Songz and Vince Staples.

The Syrian-born Kiwi, who moved to New Zealand as a refugee at the age of 3, says the opportunity to play and perform the national anthem came about after singing 'Star Spangled Banner' at a Los Angeles Clippers game several months earlier.

Nouri who admits she had absolutely no idea how to play, had to start from scratch learning how to play the game!

It's not every day you get to play alongside Snoop Dog and Trey songs but she said they were 'goofy' and she's never had so much fun!