Kim Kardashian Has Revealed What She Would Do If She Wasn't Famous

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Monday, 12 September 2016, 7:15PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

If you were to imagine Kim Kardashian as someone that wasn't famous, you probably wouldn't pick this as her form of employment.

The Kardashian has revealed that she would be helping solving serious crime if she weren’t a reality TV star.

Asked by Australian Vogue what she would do if she wasn’t famous, Kim quipped: ‘I would be a forensic investigator and live a normal life.’

She's also said that she wants one of her kids to take up the profession,“I’m gonna be that annoying, pushy mom and say I want to live vicariously through my daughter or son and have them be a forensic investigator,” Kim said.

“I’ve always been into the most morbid things,” she explained. “I was really nosy when my dad was working on the O.J. trial, and I would look through all his stuff, and I just wish I was in that field. It’s the only type of TV I really like to watch.”

Yeaaaah we definitely weren't expecting that to be her answer.