Key WWE member is involved in a serious emergency ocean landing!

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Thursday, 20 July 2017, 6:08PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

A helicopter carrying WWE owner Vince McMahon's son has been forced to make an emergency landing in the ocean waters off New York.

Shane McMahon, 47, had chartered the Robinson R44 for a family visit today, taking off from Manhattan's West Side heliport, the Daily Mail reports.

The aircraft was about a mile and a half offshore near Long Island's Gilgo Beach when pilot, Mario Regtien, heard a strange noise and began to encounter engine problems at around 10.25am local time.

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Realizing the chopper was going down, Regtien made an emergency 'Mayday call' and was able to guide the aircraft into a 'soft' controlled water landing in the ocean.

Neither McMahon nor Regtien were hurt.

"Mario was super calm, which made me super calm, and we landed perfectly," said McMahon, who left the WWE in 2009, only to return in 2016, in a press conference reported by NBC.

But he said the experience was still pretty terrifying.

"It's very unsettling when all of a sudden you have something happen,' he said. 'You hear a bang and then you start saying, 'We're going to do an emergency landing in the water,' so it's very unnerving."

A commercial flight heading towards JFK Airport had picked up the distress call and notified FAA controllers, the agency said.

Both McMahon and Regtien, who had bailed out into the water wearing life jackets, was rescued by a kayaker and NYPD divers.

McMahon‏ has since thanked God on Twitter for his safe landing.

The helicopter was eventually towed to shore by three rescue boats.

The FAA is investigating the crash but sources say early reports show it was engine failure.

News footage shows the helicopter, which is designed for water landings and appears undamaged from the landing, floating in the ocean on pontoon, as multiple boats come to its aid.

There have been 39 crashes involved Robinson R44s in the past five years across the US.

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