Justin Bieber slides into a gym's DMs only to be publicly shamed

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Saturday, 12 August 2017, 4:50PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Being Justin Bieber must have a few perks - one being a fair percentageĀ female populationĀ in the world would drop everything for you.

But this lass has proven that this isn't always the case through a bit of old fashioned rejection.

When Jessi from Fitness on Broughton saw that Justin had messaged the page asking who she was, at first she was quite taken back.

Our girl @jessigoberr šŸ˜ From working the front desk to working the front page!!

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The message read: "Who's that girl in your latest post?" but despite Justin's fame, Jessi wasn't swayed.

She took to twitter and tweeted about the ordeal:

She then proceeded to throw even more shade the star's way by stating "I've got everything that i need right here."

Justin may think twice about sliding into DMs in the future...