Is Parris Goebel about to become a huge Disney star?!

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Thursday, 7 February 2019, 7:52PM
Photo / Instagram - @parrisgoebel

Photo / Instagram - @parrisgoebel

Kiwi dance star Parris Goebel has taken to social media to share the exciting news that she is working on something with Disney.

She tweeted: “Ya girl got a meeting with Disney tomorrow. What has my life turned into.”

Of course, she didn't give any details but one of the world's hottest stars working with one of the world's biggest studios? It can only be amazing news.

Despite the lack of information, fans are still super excited by the news and are sending her "good vibes".

One wrote: “Goooo Pareeeee! Yassssss! Dream come true! Much love girl.”

Another added: “Keep on thriving and glowing.”

“Congratulations, My queen! Very proud of you! Much love from the Philippines!!”

Just a day ago, Parris got accepted into the CAA (Creative Artist Agency) in California to help further her dreams.

“Proud to say I am now represented by CAA as a director and creative. I got new dreams to tick off, let’s get it,” she posted on her Instagram account.

Looks like exciting times ahead for Goebel in 2019! Get it, girl.