Divergent star Shailene Woodley's Instagram post of Ben Volavola is hilarious and so adorable!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 10:09AM


These two blew up social media when they shocked the world with their relationship after meeting in Fiji and falling in love with each other - read more HERE

They got off to a rocky start with reports of them splitting up no long after!

But not to worry after they were snapped being cute AF in France, I think it's safe to say their relationship is A OK! See the photo's HERE

Either Ben likes being on the d low or he's a bit behind times because he hasn't made an Insta account as of yet... But check out this latest Insta post from Shailene it's so cute!

If that's not enough - they couple's taken a role switch. Miss Woodley is going to play for Fiji and Ben well... we aren't too sure what he's up to.