Cardi B and Will Smith react to their viral deepfake video

Publish Date
Monday, 10 June 2019, 11:39AM

Cardi B and Will Smith have reacted hilariously and have praised a video made of them which has gone viral online. 

The video, which was uploaded by YouTuber Myster Giraffe, is a 'deepfake' video and shows Will Smith's face on the body of Cardi. 

The video looks like it was taken from an interview Cardi did back in 2017 on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

It's gone viral online and has been picked up by Will Smith and Cardi B themselves, sharing it to their social media accounts. 

Cardi said on Twitter: "That one time I drank biotin."

Will Smith took to Instagram to react to the deepfake video, saying: "Y’all are doin’ Too Much!! Hahaha... This is SO GOOD. Anybody know who did this??". Cardi commented on the post saying: "Who did this to us". 

Deepfake videos are created using artificial intelligence based technology, to make or change videos to make them look like something they aren't. In short, it's a fancy way of photo-shopping a video, and looks SUPER realistic.