BREAKING: This New Zealand superstar could be joining the Lion King remake!

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017, 2:08PM
Photo / YouTube

Photo / YouTube

Ohhhhhhh sh*******t! Either this visit was purely pleasure OR the Lion King's about to add some Kiwi to the pridelands!

There's been no confirmation nor is there any denial BUT if you thought Taika possibly directing Star Wars was big well here's something that might stir the pot, Mr Waititi could be playing a part in the upcoming Lion King remake!

I saw things today you humans would not believe.... šŸ¦šŸ‘‘

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Jon FaverauĀ posted a photo of him and Taika Waititi at their studios and as ya boi said, he's seen some things! BUT we wanna see things too!

Okay, now we're too excited now!!!