Anthony the blue Wiggle goes topless for a photo shoot

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Monday, 18 December 2017, 2:56PM

He's the high spirited children's entertainer best known for bopping around in front of the camera, but despite his energetic day job Wiggle star Anthony Field says he was seriously out of shape. 

The man behind the blue skivvy has undergone a drastic transformation that has seen him lose 18 kilograms and he now says he has never looked for felt better and 'life is easier.'

The popular personality revealed to Woman's Day magazine that he had let himself go and 'was really unhealthy.'

But now the musician – who dropped his weight from 101kgs in 2004 to a current weight of 83kgs – has a brighter outlook on life.
Anthony says he no longer suffers from the headaches he used to have and feels more energised after previously finding it hard to get through the shows physically.
Admitting he previously ate a diet high in starch, sugars and processed foods, including Chinese food for dinner, the star now opts for a healthier sugar free diet and now makes time for exercise, even when on tour.

But Anthony – who suffered from chronic pain and depression - admitted the journey hasn't been an easy one but his lifestyle changes have slowly improved his health.

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