American Police Department call out NZ Police in video

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Thursday, 30 August 2018, 12:21PM

The running man challenge is back!

San Francisco's Deputy Sheriffs' Association has called out the New Zealand Police to a lip sync battle.

Sheriffs from San Francisco have recorded a video of themselves lip syncing some old school beats in a bid to showcase the police department's more casual side.

In the video, officers sing the classic beats: Save Me, San Francisco by Train, We're Not Gonna Take it by Twisted Sister and U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer.

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The Sheriffs' Association in San Fransisco says they created the video after being challenged by other police departments across the US.

"Our video is about our response to being called out several times in the Lip Sync Challenge. We have incorporated a modern song about San Francisco and then respond to the challenge with a rock concert because we're not gonna take it, being challenged that is.

"On a daily basis, our job is to protect and serve. At times we seem serious and have to make split-second decisions to protect San Franciscans, fellow city employees, fellow peace officers and even ourselves at times. I want to let you know we do care about you that is our purpose. In this lip sync challenge video, you will see the brighter side of the deputy sheriffs and its filled with fun & togetherness".

The lip sync battle isn't over just yet, with the San Fran crew calling out our New Zealand Police.

The San Fran PD said they've taken aim at their Kiwi colleagues after they posted an awesome recruitment video which went viral earlier in the year.

"The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs' Association Challenges Alameda Deputy Sheriffs' Association and we are challenging our overseas friends at the New Zealand Auckland Police Department.

"Approximately 9 months ago the New Zealand Police released a recruitment video that was really good, so we are challenging the New Zealand Police to the Lip Sync Challenge.

"Let's see what they can do, if they are up to the challenge."

In 2016, the New Zealand police first released a challenge video of their staff attempting the Running Man challenge.


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Their video went viral around the world and a number of police forces from around the world accepted their challenge and created their own versions.

Come on NZ Police, step it up a notch and let's see what you got! Make Aotearoa proud!