DRIVE with Daz & Ast

DRIVE with Daz & Ast

Catch the boys Daz & Ast for some uplifting afternoon antics 3:00 – 7:00pm weekdays.

If it’s trending, topical or over the top – one of these fellas will be on it.

Daily at 4:20pm we deliver the ‘4:20 New Joint of the Day’ brand new music heard first on Flava, we’re live in the mix from 6pm with ‘Mix @ Six’ daily from 5pm, Athena stops in for Spy Updates and we’ve got the hottest hook-ups you must have.

Call: 0800-4-FLAVA

Text: 8200


Twitter: @flavaradio

Instagram: @flavaradio

Snapchat: Dazandast


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