Bailey Wiley - Sugar ft. Melodownz

Publish Date
Tuesday, 6 November 2018, 3:02PM

New Zealand’s own voice of neo-soul, Bailey Wiley, has released her brand new single ‘Sugar’ featuring Melodownz. ‘Sugar,’ a S.F.T produced bop featuring a guest rap from Avondale vibes man Melodownz, is the first single from her new project.

“It had been a minute since I wrote a song that I instantly fell in love with. It had also been some time since I had been brutally honest in my writing,” Bailey explains after taking a break from the scene for the better half of 2018.

Stepping back from social media and focusing on the people around her was an important step in Bailey gaining a fresh approach and inspiring her songwriting, “I feel like we can get so desensitised by life, the media and certain relationships that we can forget what we are truly craving. I needed a safe place, so I created one in ‘Sugar.’ Sugar is about devotion, reciprocation, and compromise. It's also about leaning into your vulnerabilities, embracing the unknown and trusting that intuition is your most powerful weapon.”

Bailey’s golden voice, dignified presence, and heartfelt songwriting are the product of perseverance. Life held her to the fire, and in the heat of the moment, she came to terms with what really matters. These days, she’s walking with a different strut in her step, and her music is moving with a different type of bounce as well.  

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