Tree - In My Life

Publish Date
Friday, 20 March 2020, 9:58PM

2020 - Tree is back and has evolved; with fresh music, grown vocals testing new waters and a new look to match, set to release her new single

Bringing a fusion of sounds together from Acoustic Soul to Reggae to RnB, Tree has created her own unique sound. ‘IN MY LIFE’ is the first single and snippet into her Debut Self-Titled Album, Tree set to release very soon right behind it. Something different to what she has released before showing more of her vocal ability which will all make sense soon when the Album is released.

This song, ‘IN MY LIFE’ written based on a real life love story, sung and made from the heart, infused with a sweet but beautiful acoustic guitar with a video clip and live acoustic video version also to release with it.

A soulful song for a special someone, expressing how much they mean to them, This song will take you away with harmonies and Melodies made from the heart for the soul. Written from the heart for love, for the lovers and hope for those still yet to find it.

“This track will give you all the feels even when you think you don’t feel them. Happy, Loving vibes for the soul with vocals and music to match, if you haven't found love or don't believe in it, this one sure will make you. & That's a promise!”


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 South-Auckland raised songwriter songstress, beginning her music career as part of all female band Vivah (2007), blessed to have been the featuring artist on one of the greatest reggae songs to come out of NZ, ‘Don’t say Goodbye’ by Sammy J which now sits at 19 million+ views on YouTube and Since then has gone on to release songs of her own such as If You Ain’t My Man (2017), Fairytale (2018) and Can We (2019).

Raised in the church her whole life, performing and singing amongst mass crowds has become second nature to Katerina better known by her artist name, Tree and has built a name for herself.

Over the years, after getting married and becoming a mother of two has still managed to find time to chase her dream of being a female artist and In 2019, released ‘Me and You’ featuring husband, also one of NZs greatest and world renowned artist known as Swiss which debuted at Number 5 on the NZ Heatseeker Singles Top20 Charts and generated over 150,000 views on YouTube for over a month, then releasing a second single ‘FOR REAL’ produced by and featuring South Auckland hitmaker Seenaylors in August.