Teremoana Rapley - What's Going On

Publish Date
Friday, 3 April 2020, 9:23PM

What do you get when an award-winning New Zealand veteran rapper kicks off her slippers and puts down her cup of green tea to write and release a song about the state of the world today? You get a ‘Teremoana’ track called WHAT’S GOING ON of course!



With fresh visuals and King Kapisi produced beats, Teremoana Rapley has had enough of watching from the sidelines and weighs in with this heavy-bass laden track. Deep enough to make your subwoofers hum and your neighbours’ complain.


After a double decade hiatus from releasing solo music, award-winning artist, Teremoana Rapley has finally found time in her busy schedule to sit down to write and record her brand new track, What’s going on.


The music is produced by Bill Urale, better known as prestigious APRA Silver Scroll songwriter, King Kapisi and the track is mixed and mastered by Angus McNaughton, a veteran engineer who has mastered music from live concert chamber recordings to 2019 Taite Music Prize winner Moana and the Moahunters’ album, Tahi.


WHAT’S GOING ON is not far removed from her roots of growing up in the industry within some of this country’s politically conscious groups such as Upper Hutt Posse, Moana and the Moahunters and Dam Native.


“Music saved my life” is a statement she has made time and time again, over the span of her 32+years in the industry. Starting out as a shy 14 year old, and travelling the world by age 16. By the time she was 20, she had bought her first house and settled down with her young family in central Auckland, New Zealand, where she still lives and creates from today.


“I am quite realistic about the industry, and I am not one to believe the hype, good music speaks for itself, either support me, or don’t, I really don’t have the patience to be playing games”, she chuckles. ”I am just getting started!”.


Teremoana, a Cook Islands Jamaican creative, has also spent 25+years in the indigenous television sector, holding many production roles and has gained over 3,000 production credits over her prolific television career. Her work ethic made it an easy feat for her to self-direct, produce and edit her latest music video, alongside her small production crew consisting of DoP Tashi Hope, steadicam operator extaordinaire Rhys Duncan and focus puller Sash, all shot at central Auckland location, Alberton House.


Teremoana Rapley - WHAT’S GOING ON - New single and video OUT NOW