Smashproof - Star Shooter

Publish Date
Friday, 1 November 2019, 4:16PM

Forming like a Hip-Hop Voltron, Smashproof comprises Deach, TY & Sid Diamond.

Getting together over numerous sessions during the year as part of the 10 year celebrations of their #1 single ‘Brother’ (which still holds the record as the longest running NZ #1 single), Smashproof wrote and recorded a range of songs together and decided to release them.

‘It was great to get back in the studio and write together’ says group member Deach. ‘We have grown up, and moved on down different life paths, but we still have the chemistry to write awesome songs together as a group’.

Their first release since 2016 called ‘Star Shooter’ is about chasing dreams, and shows they still have the hunger and skills to match it with the best.