Luke-W feat. Sid Diamond - Breathe

Publish Date
Friday, 1 May 2020, 7:54PM

‘Breathe’ is the second single from Luke-W’s upcoming project ‘Timing Is Everything’. The song features label mate, the iconic Sid Diamond.

Luke-W says... “Breathe is a positive song... it’s about overcoming hard times and reflecting on the growth from that and moving forward. Reflecting on where I’m at in life right now and what’s going on around us, so much has changed in the last few weeks even. And everything continues to change and evolve. But also, it’s about embracing the journey and living in the moment, one breath/step/day at a time”. “The project title ‘Timing Is Everything’ really ties all the tracks together–it’s all about time, timing, this time in my life, the times before and times to come”.

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Luke-W (Luke Winny - formerly ‘Citizon’), draws from a wide range of rock and hip-hop influences to create a unique sound. As a teenager, Luke played guitar and learnt music theory from his mother(who taught music and played piano). Lyrically conscious, Luke raps and sings, having garnered a passion for free-styling in his teens-which further piqued his interest in music production and recording.

After dropping out of University in 2015 and deciding to leave NZ to pursue his music, Luke landed in Bristol, UK and spent the next two years there crafting his sound, whilst living in a music studio. Releasing ‘Citizon EP’ in Dec, 2017 at the Hy-Brasil Music Club in Bristol. Picking up a host of influences along the way, from Dub to DnB and UK Hip-Hop, he returned to New Zealand in 2018. On his return Luke-W caught the ear of indie-urban label Move The Crowd Records (MTC) who saw the potential in his work, and together they decided to re-work, re-mix and re-master existing material and release the ‘Progress' EPat the end of 2019. 2020 sees Luke-W releasing his new album project called ‘Timing Is Everything’.




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