This is why dogs tilt their heads

Publish Date
Wednesday, 18 January 2017, 3:48PM

Have you ever wondered exactly WHY dogs tilt their adorable little heads? Sure, it's adorable and you may think it's because they're trying to earn your love and affection (and they DO EVERY SINGLE TIME) but that really isn't the real reason.

The real reason is actually even CUTER believe it or not!

According to Mental Floss, dogs are actually tilting their heads in such a way to empathize with you, or at least try to. Which makes sense. Most of us who have had dogs in our lives know that they are particularly good at reading how you are feeling.

You know when you're sick and your dog will cuddle you? Or when you're crying and your dog is there for you? That whole “sixth sense” in dogs (and lots of other animals) is really real —they just obviously have to express themselves in different ways.

When a dog tilts his or her head to the side, they are simply conveying that they are listening and empathisizing with you, silly human.

Additionally, Mental Floss reports that a dog’s head tilt may also be related to the mechanics of a dog’s ear. We probably all know that dogs hear at a much better level than human beings do, but we might not all know that dogs have a different process in figuring out where a noise is coming from. By tilting its head, a dog may simply be adjusting their outer ear to find exactly where that pesky noise is coming from.

Because ultimately, your dog wants to know what’s happening in order to protect you best.

Yeaaaah dogs are actually the best.